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2014 Audit Docs

1.    Organizational Chart

2.    WIB Bylaws (no change)

3.    WIB/CLEO agreement (no change)

4.    One-Stop Operator agreement

5.    Current Strategic Plan (no change)

6.    PY14 Board Meeting Minutes

7.    List of One-Stop/Workforce Centers

8.    New or revised Administrative and Programmatic Policies and Procedures (if not provided on LWIA website)

9.    Fiscal Policies and Procedures (if not provided on LWIA website)

(Changed retention from 7 to 5 years to match state requirements)

10. Listing of WIB staff including title and job description

11. All WIA Program related Contracts for current program year

12. RFPs for contracts provided in  #11

13. MOUs for the current program year

14. Local area monitoring reports and corrective action plans(most recent)

15. Cost Allocation Plan / Resource Sharing Agreement for the WIB and One-Stop

16. Chart of Accounts

17. Listing of WIA expenditures from the General Ledger for the period 7/1/14 – 02/31/15.  If this financial report is not used, please provide a listing showing all WIA expenditures for the period to include invoice date, description, funding code, and cost. (to be used be to select a sample of expenditures to review)

18. Inventory Listing (including asset description, cost, date of purchase)

19. Program and Fiscal Overview Questionnaires.  Please update last year’s responses with any changes or updates (in different font color).

20. Documentation to support the use of any of Virginia’s approved waivers. (Written request to VCCS, VCCS written approval, etc.).


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